Half Fitting Kit with Tape and Edging

Half Fitting Kit with Tape and Edging

This kit includes:

  • 1x OEM look DIY Black Border Kit and 2x Application Buds
  • 40x Stainless Steel Dome Head Bolts, Washers and Nylock Nuts
  • 5 metres Damming Tape - to help seal between the car bodywork and windows when not bonding the windows in

Comprehensive Window Fitting Kit for your Polycarbonate Windows if you wish not to bond the windows into the car. This 1/2 kit is designed specifically for smaller windows or single larger windows.

If you wish to bond your windows into your car, please see our DIY Black Border and Bonding Kit.

Total Price:
(Exc. 20% VAT)
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40 nuts, bolts, and washers + 5m damming tape

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